Zionex Completes APS/RTS Project for L-Corporation’s Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Plant in Eastern Europe

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of the Real-Time Scheduling (RTS) project at L-Corporation Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing plant in Eastern Europe. This accomplishment underscores Zionex’s unwavering commitment to innovation and efficiency in providing cutting-edge planning and scheduling solutions in high-tech industry.

Since our inception, Zionex has been devoted to pushing the boundaries of technological advancements. This project for L-Corporation signifies yet another milestone in our dedication to delivering high-quality manufacturing planning and scheduling solutions.

Project Highlights:

Real-Time Scheduling: The RTS system provides real-time scheduling insights into manufacturing processes, enabling agile decision-making to adapt swiftly to changing demands.
The APS component of the project optimizes production scheduling in sub-daily periods, ensuring a harmonious balance between resource utilization and output efficiency.

Zionex takes pride in playing a pivotal role in L-Corporation global strategy by successfully implementing the APS/RTS system in Eastern Europe. This achievement not only enhances operational efficiency at the manufacturing plant but also sets the stage for the implementation of similar systems across L-Corporation’s Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing plants worldwide.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated teams at Zionex and L-Corporations for their collaborative efforts in making this project a success.

As we celebrate this milestone, Zionex eagerly anticipates sharing further updates on the positive impacts of APS / RTS implementations and other innovations shaping the future of energy solutions. Thank you for being part of this exciting journey.

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