Smarter & Simpler T³SmartSCM*

T³SmartSCM quickly generates synchronized forecasts, sales and inventory plans using live data sources, available through our cloud-based platform at low cost.

*SCM: Supply Chain Management

T³SmartSCM resolves common supply chain issues in a quick and easy way

T³SmartSCM is a Supply Chain Management (SCM) software that aims to resolve some of the common issues faced by organizations in their supply chain operations. These issues include but not limited to (1) inaccurate demand forecasts, (2) unbalanced factory capacities, and (3) mismatched sales targets to operation plans.

T³SmartSCM uses statistics and machine learning to forecast product demand based on sales history, product attributes, promotions, and external factors. T³Demand Plan Module allows sales staff to easily summarize, approve, and adjust sales plans by product category and region, while monitoring inventory and profits in real-time.

Factory capacity and inventory management are not responsive to customer demands, leading to delays in delivery promises.

T³MP (Master Planning) and T³FP (Factory Plan) module balances and optimizes the factory capacity utilization using intelligent algorithms  to better meet delivery due dates.

T³SmartSCM enables setting of product selling prices and costs by period, allowing for the creation of sales and replenishment plans while visually monitoring planned quantities, total selling prices and profits.

Optimize your supply chain with customized module selection and deployment

T³SmartSCM is a customizable supply chain management solution that offers 10 different modules to address specific organizational needs. By selecting the necessary modules according to the requirements of the customer, a cost-effective and efficient supply chain management system can be quickly implemented.

Furthermore, the system can also be easily expanded to multiple locations and additional modules can be added gradually. For example, initial deployment services, including the configuration of SCM system parameters, will be provided by Zionex consultants. However, the customer will be responsible for providing the necessary data and master data required to operate the system.

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