Webinar on “Unleash Efficiency with Dynamic Task Manager for Aras Project Management”

In our fast-paced business world, optimizing project management is key. On October 19, 2023, Aras and Zionex hosted an enlightening webinar showcasing Dynamic Task Manager (DTM). This innovative Aras add-on transforms project task management.

Seamless Integration for Streamlined Workflows

DTM integrates seamlessly with Aras Innovator, making project workflows more efficient. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and missed deadlines.

Discover the Power of DTM

DTM simplifies project workflows with a dynamic, intuitive interface. It empowers decision-making, seamless collaboration, and organization.

In-Depth Visibility Across Multiple Projects

DTM provides deep visibility across multiple product development projects. Manage tasks, deadlines, and resources with ease.

Success Stories from Leading Companies

Hear inspiring success stories from companies like Kawasaki Heavy Industries and JAMCO Corporation, highlighting how DTM transformed their project management.

The Implementation Process

Learn about the implementation process at customer sites like Kawasaki Robotics and JAMCO Corporation’s Aircraft Interior Division. Understand the challenges, strategies, and value gained from DTM.

Don’t miss your chance to enhance productivity and efficiency with DTM. Watch the webinar to transform your project management. Your projects will thank you!

Please visit the following link for checking out the webinar contents: https://www.aras.com/en/resources/all/wbr-20231019-unleash-dtm

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