Heavy Industries

Korea KOSO

Business Environment

Korea KOSO Co., Ltd. is a premier provider of specialized valves and high-tech components to leading shipbuilding and plant industries in South Korea. Founded in 1979 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Koso Co., Ltd., a global leader in industrial automated control valves since 1965, Korea KOSO leverages its parent company's decades of expertise and cutting-edge technology to assemble and deliver top-of-the-line products to its domestic and international clients.

Project Background & Goals

Korea KOSO, a wholly owned subsidiary of world leader in the field of industrial automated control valves, Nippon Koso Co., Ltd, faced several major business challenges. To address these challenges, Korea KOSO implemented a PLSCM system based on Aras Innovator, a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution. The system aimed to address the following challenges:

  1. Systematizing large-scale contract management with EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) customers by implementing a system that allows for collaboration with customers and suppliers worldwide.
  2. Managing customers' new designs and their manufacturing requirements in a more efficient manner.
  3. Supporting DTO (Design To Order) and ETO (Engineer To Order) production forms by promoting process innovation linked with the integration of PLM and SCM. This was crucial for competitiveness as organic cooperation and data integration between processes such as product development, purchasing, and production are critical for success in this area.

By implementing this PLSCM system, Korea KOSO was able to effectively manage their contracts, designs, and manufacturing processes, and improve collaboration with customers and suppliers. This ultimately led to increased competitiveness in the market.

Return on Investments

Korea KOSO has taken steps to address major business challenges by building a PLSCM (Product Lifecycle and Supply Chain Management) system using Aras Innovator, a PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) solution. This system has enabled the company to systematically manage large-scale contracts with EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) customers, effectively manage new designs and manufacturing requirements, and collaborate with customers and suppliers globally.

The system has also helped Korea KOSO improve its QCD (quality, cost, delivery) capabilities and manage company-wide bill of materials (BOM). Additionally, the company has implemented supply chain innovation to meet deadlines and reduce inventory, along with a rapid decision-making process for better supply chain visibility.

The PLSCM system has also enabled Korea KOSO to improve processes and value chain within the company from ordering to development, procurement, and production. Sales management, customer information management, quotation management, and profit margin calculation functions have been implemented along with engineering management functions such as technical specification management, parts, and BOM management, and CAD integration. Production control functions such as design progress management, valve-specific operation management, and work progress management have been implemented. In the procurement and quality areas, department-specific operation management, operation progress management, and quality department report management have been realized.