Innovate Your Supply Chain & Product Engineering
With Advanced Digital SCM & PLM Solution

About Aras?

Zionex’s PLM system supports the customer company’s entire lifecycle management processes including NPI (New Product Introduction) and EOL (End of Life).
The PLM system is deployed using Aras Innovator(R) embracing the innovative, open-architecture platform recognized and adopted by leading manufacturing companies around the world.

Zionex offers both consulting and system integration services for a variety of PLM solutions. Each PLM module enables systematic, efficient management of the entire product life cycle ranging from new product planning to design and engineering to mass production. Such PLM modules include PDM (product data management), PM (program management), and QP (quality planning). These modules support the end users to enhance their product leadership.

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    Part Management

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    CAD Data Management

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    Product Document Management

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    Design Change Management

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    WBS based Project?Management

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    Gantt Chart based detailed Schedule Management

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    FMEA Analysis for Issue Management

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    CAPA Management (Corrective?& Preventive?Action)

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    Requirement Management

Product Engineering
- BOM (Bill of Material) Management & Comparison
- Parts & Product Information Management
- ECR, ECO, ECN (Engineering Change Request / Order / Notification)
- R&D collaboration with suppliers (documents distribution & approval etc.)
- Workflow Management & Change History Management
- Authority Management & Security Accreditation by User
- Supplier / Vendor Management
Program Management
- Project Template Management by Category
- Deliverable Registration and Review Management by Project Progress
- Project Management relating to PDM (Product Data Management)
- Milestone / Gate Management contingent on Deliverable Registration
- Resource Management & Project Risk Warning (Signal Light Management)
- Project Scheduling based on backward & forward CPM (Critical Path Method)
- Project Budget & Cost Management
- Diverse Reporting & Dashboard such as Score Card
Quality Planning
- Failure Mode Effects Analysis [FMEA]
- Inspection & Test Planning
- Process Workflow Creation & Analysis
- Design Change Workflow contingent on Quality Failure etc. (Corrective Action & Preventive Action [CAPA])
- Core Parts Attribute Management

Our Solution with Aras Innovator


Product Data Mgmt. Project Managment Quality Management Supplier Management
Drawing Mgmt. Schedule Planning & Mgmt. Issue Mgmt. Quality Mgmt.
Document Mgmt. To-Do List Incompatibility Mgmt. Drawing Distribution
Parts Mgmt. Deliverable Mgmt. FMEA Bulletin Board
BOM Mgmt. Progress Mgmt. CAPA Notice / Q&A
Change Mgmt. R&D Procedure Mgmt. Integrated Reporting
Prototype/Test Mgmt. Budget Mgmt.

CAX Integration

SAP etc.


Domestic / Abroad
My Innovator Notice / Bulletin Board Meeting Mgmt. Dashboards Recent Trend Searching Center
Information Mgmt. System Mgmt.

Interactive & Intuitive Project Management Solution for Aras Innovator?

Dynamic Task Manager™(DTM), designed as an Aras Innovator Add-On, provides a highly interactive user environment for managing designing of product/engineering and large projects with multi-level complexity in terms of PDM(Product Data Management) & PMS (Project Management System).
It enables users to take full advantage of Aras Innovator’s PM solution by providing advanced features including

(1) interactive scheduling with optional custom scheduling logics,
(2) controlled sub-project views in separate tabs within,
(3) modular project templates addible to a running project,
(4) load analysis and simulation, and
(5) direct access to various properties and related items of the selected activity, etc.

Multiple Projects Planning & Scheduling Management

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Key Features

? Interactive and integrated user environment with rich Gantt chart features such as schedule navigation, zoom-in/out, user friendly WBS modification functions, etc.
? Interactive WBS definition and scheduling by connecting activities with drag-and-drop operation
? Support for hierarchical project management by defining sub-projects with permission control
? Gantt chart based project template management and modular templates with adjustable duration
? Resource analysis with optional expansion (T3RS) to use constraint based resource and profit simulation and optimization
? Configurable and consolidated Task Management Panel (TMP) for managing tasks & attributes of individual project activities

Technical Highlights

? Supports the latest Aras Innovator (including v.12)
? Configurable & Scalable option features
? Various scheduling logics


? On-time project completion and cost minimization
? Promote the collaboration between project managers and project members through interactive and user friendly user environment
? Rapid project planning and scheduling with intuitive WBS management
? Effective and efficient management of continuously changing project schedules