Innovate Your Supply Chain & Product Engineering
With Advanced Digital SCM & PLM Solution


Samsung Techwin is a leader in precision machineries and electronic components. It produces a variety of different products from jet propulsion engine to weapons to semiconductor parts and digital camera components. Techwin is a market leader in digital camera and related component and is expanding rapidly.


SCM Solution

Zionex built APS systems at 3 divisions of Samsung Techwin:
(1) Semiconductor parts;
(2) Jet propulsion and turbo engine;
(3) Digital camera IT modules. The purpose of APS systems is to transform the manufacturing strategy from traditional MTS (Make-To-Stock) to MTO (Make-To-Order) and implement lean manufacturing concept. In turn, Samsung Techwin wanted to achieve lower inventory levels while not sacrificing the customer service levels.

Value Added

Samsung Techwin now has significantly better capability to meet order delivery due dates with the APS system in place. "Capable to Promise (CTP)" feature embedded in the APS system enables the sales team to respond to orders by scheduling the production orders on the fly using the Web environment. The integrated sales-manufacturing plan generated through the APS system virtually eliminated excess inventory by harmonizing both sales and production using the single, real-time scheduling scheme. Samsung Techwin plans to expand the use of Zionex's APS systems throughout their entire factory floors in the near future.