Innovate Your Supply Chain & Product Engineering
With Advanced Digital SCM & PLM Solution


Samsung SDI is a premier producer of advanced display devices and mobile energy products. Previously Samsung SDI topped the world market in color CRT tube production in 1990's, and currently SDI is again the leader in the latest display panel market in PDP, MD (Mobile Displays) and AM-OLED panel segments. In the energy area, Samsung SDI is the fastest growing, one of the largest producer of rechargeable batteries for mobile devices.


SCM Solution

Samsung SDI built their global APS system to achieve the process innovation and the six sigma initiatives.
There are three objectives to the global APS:
(1) Reduced order lead times;
(2) Precise inventory control;
(3) Global visibility. Zionex has added a detailed factory planning and scheduling modules to achieve these objectives.

Value Added

With the successful APS system deployment, Samsung SDI is enjoying drastically shorter order delivery lead times, planning cycle times, and reduced inventory levels. These modules greatly simplified their daily scheduling activities by slashing the planning cycle time by more than half. On the production management side, SDI is now able to close production orders on a daily basis, increasing the accuracy matching supply to the demand. SDI plans on expanding the newly developed SCM systems to the rest of their divisions including PDP, MD, and mobile energy unit.