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Samsung Cheil Industries' Chemical Division produces a variety of chemical materials for electric appliances and building construction.
- Styrene Polymers: HIPS, sheet / transparent / heat-resistant ABS
- Special Polymers: PC, alloy, other EPs, and super EP
- Artificial Marble: STARON
Samsung Cheil Industries currently has the largest market share of ABS materials used in white appliances world wide.


SCM Solution

Cheil Industries' Chemical Division reduced order fulfillment lead times by implementing integrated supply chain planning system. Zionex SCM modules covered all the planning functions of Cheil Chemical Division's by replacing all of its previous Adexa-based SCM modules, including OMS (Order Management System), MP (Master Production Planning) and FP (Factory Planning) modules.

Value Added

Cheil Industries achieved dramatic reduction in product inventory levels and improved the overall order fulfillment lead times. By implementing "Build-to-Order" concept by creating semi-finished product bank, Cheil is now able to process their finished goods in much less time. The company successfully implemented "No Order, No Production" policy strictly controlled by pegging the planned orders to production lots, thereby being able to forecast delivery dates with pin point accuracy.