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Seah Besteel is a leader in specialized steel products for construction and automotive industry. Since founded in 1937, Seah has been the key player in producing metal products from pipes to iron reinforced rods in the Far East. Gunsan's latest electric furnace mill adds the production capacity by two folds, and Seah Besteel now has more than 50% in domestic market share in specialized steel.


SCM Solution

Seah Besteel wanted to improve its responsiveness to customer's orders by reducing lead times and reducing inventory. SCM solution was needed to achieve the following objectives: (1) Eliminate sales opportunity cost arising from not being able to meet desired due dates; (2) Reduce excess inventory created in between plants arising from asynchronous factory schedules. An APS system is used to support the activities in meeting the above goals by creating a synchronous, integrated production planning environment.

Value Added

Zionex provided 10 factory scheduling modules harmoniously controlled by a single master production planning system. The integrated planning across 10 plants allowed better synchronization of goods moving from one plant to another. In addition, with the application of the intelligent "tundish" sequencing algorithms, the resource utilization improved dramatically by increasing the "hot charge rate."

Seah Besteel now has the capability to schedule all of their production facilities on a daily basis. The scheduling cycle time also has decreased significantly, allowing the planners to focus on improving the quality and accuracy of the plan rather than spending time on mundane task of adding numbers.