Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Zionexʼs PLM system supports the customer companyʼs entire lifecycle management processes including NPI (New Product Introduction) and EOL (End of Life).

Dynamic Task Manager

Interactive & Intuitive Project Management Solution for Aras Innovator®

    Product Concept

  • By bringing together the product planning, design development, sampling, and mass production tasks as a single project, DTM provides an add-on solution for Aras Innovator that facilitates a unified approach to planning, operational tasks, performance measurement and deliverables.
  • Using the Gantt Chart UI, DTM enables simultaneous sharing of project resources between assigned members and management, leading to enhanced cross-functional collaboration.

Engineering Project Platform

Engineering Project Platform

Key Features

Editable Project Gantt Chart

Create a new project from an existing project template

Copy and paste from an existing activity

Update the schedule by drag-and-drop of Gantt-bar

Project assignment of main and sub resources

Visual tracking of project status
Filter WBS/activities by optional conditions
Input progress rate and register documents

Update actual start / end of activity and register deliverables (technical documents and drawings)

Automatic update of progress rate linked to the status of deliverables

Project status overview

Retrieve activitis by period and status, filter by PM name

Show delayed projects with intuitive color

Alart notification of specific delayed activity

Resource Load Chart

Check the assigned hour compared to the regular working hour

Show the detailed task of the assigned work load

Earned Value Management

Evaluate project performance based on the comparison of worked performed and work planned budget


Aras Innovator® allows you to build a "digital thread" that connects data across the entire product lifecycle, from planning and design to manufacturing to postdelivery service, without replacing your existing systems. This allows historical design data and postdelivery customer feedback to be used for new product development and allows the service department to use design and manufacturing information to properly perform preventive maintenance. A variety of product data in the manufacturing industry is an important asset of a company. Use Aras to build digital threads and make the most of your data to drive product and business innovation in this era of sea change in manufacturing.


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